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Healthy Life Expectancy in Scotland

  From the Book: The Health State Function of a Population
(C H Skiadas & C Skiadas, 2012)
e-ISBN 978-960-93-4212-4,  ISBN 978-960-93-4218-6 (print)
Application to Scottish health state data and Healthy Life Expectancy estimates, pp 119-124 

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Healthy Life Expectancy in Scotland

Application to Scotland

A quite good exploration of the healthy life expectancy in Scotland is done from 1980 to 2009. The applications are based on national and regional surveys and the data selected provided reliable estimates for the healthy life expectancy. Even more the estimates done include both the influence on life expectancy of the severe and/or moderate activity limitations mainly used in WHO and the total influence of all activity limitations accepted in European Union. As our method calculates both healthy life expectancy measures, we use the results from the application in Scotland to compare our direct system of estimates with the survey methods. Furthermore we expand our estimates starting from 1855 to 2009 based on the death and population data provided by the HMD for Scotland thus providing a useful estimate for the healthy life expectancy in Scotland during the last 155 years thus giving a powerful tool to policy makers to organize the health systems in our societies.