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Healthy Life Expectancy

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e_Book: The Health State Function of a Population

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ISBN 978-960-93-4218-6

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This book includes five papers developed from January 2011 to May 2012. Versions of these papers are stored in and were presented in conferences. These works are based on the first exit time theory of a stochastic process developed in connection to the life table data and the resulting theoretical and applied issues. Many new and old terms are explored and quantitatively estimated especially the health state or the “vitality” of a population, the deterioration and the related function and the Healthy Life Expectancy.We give solutions on some important problems and answer serious questions addressed in demography and the human life span. New directions for future studies are open in various fields as are applications in exploring the life time of complex systems.More technical works and publications can be found in the bibliography of each paper.

 We hope that this book will inspire colleagues in applying, developing and expanding the theoretical and practical issues related to the health state of the population and to improve forecasts related to the life expectancy and the healthy life span. Special thanks are addressed to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Human Mortality Database for providing the data used in our studies. It was important our studies to rely on systematically collected and organized datasets.

 Read this book and share with us a fascinating exploration on life table data and the underlying information on human health state.


Estimating the Healthy Life Expectancy from the Health State Function of a Population in Connection to the

Life Expectancy at Birth

Christos H Skiadas and Charilaos Skiadas

Technical University of Crete, Chania, Crete, Greece


Hanover College, Indiana, USA


 Abstract: Following our previous works on the health state of a population and the related health state function we proceed in developing a method to estimate the Healthy Life Expectancy in connection to the relative impact of the Mortality Area in the health state function graph.

The resulting tools are applied to the data sets for 1990, 2000 and 2009 for the Countries of the World Health Organization (WHO). The application is done in the Excel Chart and it is ready to be used for other time periods.

The results are compared with the estimates presented in the WHO report for 2000 showing a good relationship between the estimates of the two methods. However, our proposed method, not based on collection of data for diseases and other causes affecting a healthy life, is more flexible. We can estimate the healthy life years from various time periods when information related to diseases is missing.

Keywords: Health state function, Healthy life expectancy, Deterioration, Loss of healthy years, HALE, DALE, World Health Organization, WHO.


Paper version sent to, 14 May 2012, arXiv:1205.2919v1 [q-bio.PE]

The Healthy Life Expectancy for the World Health Organization (WHO) member countries
To find the Healthy Life Expectancy for the World Health Organization (WHO) member countries for the years 1990, 2000 and 2009 you will download and use the following program in Excel. The program contains all the necessary tools to adapt it to other time periods.