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Health State Function

 The Health State Function, the Force of Mortality and other Characteristics resulting from the First Exit Time Theory applied to Life Table Data

Paper download (The Health State Function, the Force of Mortality...)

The best fit model:

The Excel program for SKI-1995 model in ZIP format (8.34Mb)

In this page you can find and download a best fit model in Excel for Life Table Data sets (The program includes also the Gompertz model).
A related paper can be also downloaded from this page.
Some of the futures from the new method used are:
The program provides a graph of the Health State Function and the related maximum value and of the Mortality Function (from data and estimated, first estimate and final).
An estimate for the curvature of H(t) is also provided along with the maximum deterioration age.
Two Life Tables are provided in order to estimate the Life Expectancy and the Life Expectancy at Birth by using the provided data and the estimated from the program (best fit). The estimates are also provided
A graph providing the probability density function g(x) and the mortality curve ln(μx) versus the probability function G(x).
In short any information needed from statisticians, actuaries, demographers and any other interested scientist or practitioner is provided including the death distribution and the generated stochastic paths based on the health state function and the estimated diffusion coefficient σ.

SKI-1995 Model. The main page of the Excel Program

Health State Function paper (Figures from Excel )