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C H Skiadas Biography

Christos H Skiadas

Christos H. Skiadas
Director,Data Analysis and Forecasting Laboratory
Technical University of Crete
73100 Chania Crete Greece


Sample Publications

Innovation Diffusion Modeling

Deterministic case

Giovanis, A. N. and Skiadas, C. H., A new modeling approach investigating the diffusion speed of mobile telecommunication services in EU-15, Computational Economics, Vol. 29, 2, 97 -106, 2007.

Skiadas, C. H., Innovation Diffusion Models Expressing Asymmetry and/or Positively or Negatively Influencing Forces. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 30, 313-330, 1986.

Skiadas, C. H., Two Generalized Rational Models for Forecasting Innovation Diffusion. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 27, 39-61, 1985.

Skiadas, C.H. (1987) "Two Simple Models for Early and Middle Stage Prediction of Innovation Diffusion", IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Vol. 34,2,79-84

Stochastic case

Skiadas, C. and Skiadas, C. H., Development, Simulation and Application of First Exit Time Densities to Life Table Data, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, Volume 39, Issue 3 January 2010, pages 444 - 451.

Skiadas, C. and Skiadas, C. H., Development, Simulation and Application of First Exit Time Densities to Life Table Data, Draft version, 2009 (Published in Communications in Statistics, 2010)

Comparing the Gompertz Type Models with a First Passage Time Density Model. (Draft version, 2008. The final version is included in the book: Advances in Data Analysis}, C. H. Skiadas (Ed) Springer/Birkhauser, 2010, pp. 203-209.

Skiadas, C. H., Exact Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations: Gompertz, Generalized Logistic and Revised Exponential, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability: Volume 12, Issue 2 (2010), Pages 261-270.

Skiadas, C. H. and Skiadas, C., A Modeling Approach to Life Table Data Sets, in Recent Advances in Stochastic Modeling and Data Analysis, World Scientific, 350 - 359, 2007

Janssen, J. and Skiadas, C. H., Dynamic Modelling of Life-Table Data. Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, vol. 11, No 1, 35-49, 1995.

Skiadas, C. H. and Giovanis, A. N., A Stochastic Bass Innovation Diffusion Model for Studying the Growth of Electricity Consumption in Greece. Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, vol. 13, 85-101, 1997.

Giovanis, A. N. and Skiadas, C. H., A Stochastic Logistic Innovation Diffusion Model Studying the Electricity Consumption in Greece and USA. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 61, 235-246, 1999.

Katsamaki, A. and Skiadas, C. H., Analytic Solution and Estimation of Parameters on a Stochastic Exponential Model for a Technological Diffusion Process. Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis, vol. 11, No 1, 59-75, 1995.

Chaotic case

Skiadas, C. H., A Two Population Model for the Stock Market Problem, in Chaotic Systems: Theory and Applications, C. H. Skiadas and I. Dimotikalis, Eds, World Scientific, 302-308, 2010.

Skiadas, C. H., Von Karman Streets Chaotic Simulation, Topics on Chaotic Systems, C. H. Skiadas, I. Dimotikalis and C. Skiadas, World Scientific, 309-313, 2009.


With Rudolf Kalman, Chania 05 May 1993
The TUC, on my nomination, conferred an Honorary Doctorate to Professor Rudolf Kalman

With Sir David Cox, Chania 03 May 1996
I am conferring the Technical University of Crete (TUC) Honorary Doctorate to Sir David Cox

Announcing the next ASMDA2011 in Rome
Vilnius Lithuania, ASMDA2009, from left: me, G. Saporta, L. Sakalauskas and R. Manca

Chaotic Modeling and Simulation Int. Conference
Opening Ceremony, Chania, June 2008

IWAP 2008, Compičgne France
With Sally McClean and Anthi Katsirikou

With László Márkus and Miklós Arató (left)
Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary, my speach October 2009

At home in Athens Greece
Christmas 2007

With son Charilaos in Californian mountains
California National Park, July 2003

Christos H Skiadas
Yellowstone USA, July 2003

Up to the mountains approaching Yellowstone
With son Charilaos, July 2003 USA

In the Greek Islands, June 2009
With son Charilaos, daughter Evgenia and her husband Christoffer Klang

In Ancient Epidaurus Theater
Epidaurus Festival, 30 June 2007


Brest France, July 2008
With Jacques Janssen, founder and president of ASMDA

IWAP 2008, Compičgne France
With Nikolaos Limnios and Anthi Katsirikou

III International Symposium on Semi-Markov Models
Cagliary Sardenia Italy, June 2008

Rome, February 2010